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When it comes to publishing your book through Amazon's KDP Print on Demand program, starting with correct formatting is crucial. At Book Formatting Gurus, we specialize in providing top-quality formatting services customized for KDP. We're dedicated to providing our clients with reliable and easy formatting solutions, simplifying what can be a complex process.

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Why Does Your Book Need KDP Book Formatting & Publishing?

Professional Polish

We guarantee professional polish because readers crave a polished, professional reading experience. Our KDP formatting expertise provides consistent fonts, margins, spacing, and a clean layout across all devices – Kindle, tablets, smartphones, and computers. This eliminates formatting headaches and lets your story shine through without any distractions for your readers.

Increased Readability

We improve readability for maximum engagement, and proper formatting goes beyond aesthetics; it improves readability. We ensure your book has clear chapter breaks, proper indentation for paragraphs and dialogue, and well-formatted headings and subheadings. This holds readers involved and stops them from getting frustrated by formatting issues that can disrupt the flow of your story.

Enhanced Discoverability

We optimize discoverability and attract new readers because our KDP formatting plays a vital role in Amazon search algorithms. Our team optimizes your book's metadata (keywords, description) and ensures a high-quality cover image to improve discoverability and attract potential readers who are searching for books in your genre.

Global Reach

We expand your reach to a global audience; we ensure your book is formatted for global marketplaces, allowing you to tap into international markets and expand your reach as an author. Imagine readers in France, Germany, or Japan enjoying your story thanks to our KDP formatting expertise.

Peace of Mind

We give you peace of mind so you can focus on your passion! Leave the technical aspects of KDP formatting and publishing to us. We handle the entire process, from manuscript formatting to metadata optimization and publishing, giving you peace of mind so you can concentrate on what you do best—creating captivating stories that will enthrall readers.

Maximize Your Sales Potential

We maximize your sales potential with a winning presentation. A professionally formatted and published book makes a positive first impression on potential readers. Our expertise helps you present your book in the best possible light, increasing your chances of success and maximizing your sales potential. With a polished and discoverable book, you'll be well on your way to achieving your publishing goals.

Maximize the Potential of Your Manuscript with Our KDP Paperback Formatting Services

Have you poured your heart and soul into your manuscript, writing a story you're eager to share with the world? Don't let formatting roadblocks hold you back! Our KDP paperback formatting services provide your book looks professional and polished, ready to delight readers on bookstore shelves and online retailers. We'll handle the technical aspects, transforming your manuscript into a visually appealing paperback that adheres to Amazon's KDP specifications. This includes providing consistent formatting, proper margins, and clear chapter breaks for easy reading. We'll also optimize your book's metadata – keywords and descriptions – to improve discoverability and attract potential readers searching for your genre. With our expertise, your book will make a strong first impression, maximizing its potential to find a dedicated audience and achieve publishing success.

Why Should You Choose Our Amazon KDP Book Formatting Services?

Publishing your book on Amazon is exciting! But wrestling with KDP formatting can quickly turn that excitement into a headache. Let's face it: formatting isn't what keeps you up at night - it's preparing exciting stories. Our KDP formatting services take that burden off your shoulders. We'll guarantee your book is flawlessly formatted for both ebook and print, leaving you free to focus on what matters most - your readers. With our expertise, your book will have a professional, polished look that shines on any device.

Our Services and Prices

What is eBook Formatting?

eBook formatting is the process of preparing your manuscript for digital reading devices. It converts your text and images into a format that can be modified to various screen lengths and provides a clean, consistent reading experience across various eReaders and apps.

Why Do I Format My Book For KDP?

Formatting your book for KDP guarantees your book looks sharp and professional on Kindle devices and other reading apps. Without proper formatting, your ebook might have wonky spacing, misplaced images, or weird line breaks. This can be frustrating for readers and hurt your book's overall quality.



Captivate readers with flawless formatting for your fantasy epics, heart-wrenching romances, or pulse-pounding thrillers. We ensure consistent chapter breaks, scene formatting, and proper dialogue placement for a seamless reading experience.

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Our formatting ensures clear headings, subheadings, and bullet points for easy navigation. We can also handle tables, charts, and images to convey complex information effectively.

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Children's Books


We'll format your book with engaging layouts, playful fonts, and proper image placement to create a visually stimulating and age-appropriate reading experience.

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Our formatting keeps the focus on your passionate story with elegant fonts, perfect paragraph spacing, and captivating chapter openings.

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Textbooks & Workbooks


We ensure clear chapter organization, easy-to-read tables and figures, and ample space for note-taking, making your educational content accessible and engaging.

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Formats We Accept

We handle various file formats to streamline your experience: DOC/DOCX, Kindle Create (KPF) for easy Kindle optimization, plain text (TXT), and PDFs in major languages (though complex PDFs might need tweaks). Let us know your file type and genre – we'll handle the rest!

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Unlimited free revisions for two weeks after delivery. After this date additional revisions request cost a flat $19 for any reasonable amount of revisions.

Output Formats

We provide both Mobi and ePub versions ready for publishing at Amazon, Nook, Smashword, Apple, etc.

48 Hour Delivery

Unlimited Revisions

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Book Cover Design Services

A selection of our recent ebook and print work

Our talented designers will prepare a visually stunning cover that perfectly reflects your story's essence and genre. We collaborate closely with you to understand your vision and target audience, ensuring your cover entices potential readers and stands out on crowded shelves.

Science Fiction & Fantasy


Spark readers' imaginations with captivating covers featuring space scenes, mythical creatures, and futuristic landscapes.

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Design swoon-worthy covers that convey the emotional depth of your story using soft colors, symbolic imagery, and couples silhouettes.

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Mystery & Thriller


Craft suspenseful covers that keep readers on the edge of their seats with dark tones, intriguing objects, and cryptic clues.

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Basic Print Formatting

Up to 100 pages

Ensures flawless layout, margins, fonts, and image integration for a clean, professional look.

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Print Formatting Package

Up to 200 pages

Includes Basic Formatting plus a captivating title page, table of contents, and page numbering.

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Copy Editing

Up to 100 pages

Sharpen your text with corrections for grammar, punctuation, and typos for a polished manuscript.

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Developmental Editing

Up to 100 pages

Delves deeper, providing feedback on plot, character development, and overall structure to elevate your story.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We accept a variety of formats for your convenience: DOC/DOCX, Kindle Create (KPF) files, plain text (TXT), and PDFs in major languages (although complex PDFs might require adjustments).
While KDP can convert your manuscript to an ebook format, proper formatting ensures a professional and error-free reading experience. We recommend using our KDP formatting services for optimal results.
Our pricing depends on factors like word count and complexity. We offer tiered packages (Basic, Standard, Premium) catering to different needs. Contact us for a custom quote!
We save you time and frustration by handling the formatting complexities. Our experts ensure your book looks polished and professional across all devices, enhancing reader experience and sales potential.
Absolutely! We provide professional book cover design services to create a visually captivating cover that perfectly complements your genre and story.

Testimonials And Client Reviews

Look at what our clients say regarding our KDP book formatting services. We pride ourselves on exceeding their expectations. Take a look at some of the feedback our customers have left for us.

Book Formatting Gurus transformed my manuscript into a beautifully formatted book for KDP. Their attention to detail and expertise made the entire process effortless. I'm delighted with the last outcome and thankful for their reliable service. Positively suggested.

Matthew Harris

Working with Book Formatting Gurus was a fantastic experience. They took care of all the formatting nuances for my book's KDP launch, ensuring everything was perfect. Their professionalism and dedication to differentia are unpaired. I couldn't be happier.

Mark Thompson

The team at Book Formatting Gurus made my self-publishing journey stress-free. They provided excellent formatting services that met KDP's standards. My book looks fantastic, and the process was smooth from start to finish. I highly suggest their assistance.

Emily Robinson

Book Formatting Gurus delivered exceptional service for my KDP book. Their expertise in formatting ensured my book looked professional and met all Amazon requirements. The result exceeded my expectations, and I'm grateful for their support and dedication.

Jessica Brown

I'm incredibly impressed with Book Formatting Gurus. They handled the intricate details of KDP formatting with ease, making my book look polished and professional. Their group was responsive and corroborating throughout the procedure. I highly suggest them to any author.

Amanda Clark

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Book Formatting Gurus specializes in transforming manuscripts into professionally formatted books for KDP Print on Demand. We handle all the technical details, ensuring your book meets Amazon's standards. Focus on writing while we make your publishing journey seamless and stress-free. Contact us today!

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