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Pick a Self-Publishing Platform and Create a Self-publishing Account


Preparing to publish your stories with the world as an aspiring author? Now that self-publishing platforms are everywhere, authoring is simpler than ever. This informative blog will walk you through every step of setting up an account and choosing the best self-publishing site for your needs.

Understanding Self-Publishing Platforms

Knowing these platforms is crucial prior to addressing self-publishing platform selection. Online tools called self-publishing sites allow writers to publish their works without publishing firm clearance.

There are Primarily Two Types of Publishing Platforms:

Platforms for both aggregation and direct publishing. By disseminating books to online marketplaces, including Amazon, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble, aggregator platforms such as Smashwords and Draft2Digital serve as intermediaries between retailers and authors. Conversely, authors are also permitted to publish directly on direct publishing platforms, such as Apple Books and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

There are advantages and disadvantages associated with each distinct variety of platforms. Despite the potential for a percentage reduction in royalties, aggregator platforms provide a more extensive distribution channel. Although they offer increased control, direct publishing platforms may restrict distribution options.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Self-Publishing Platform

When you choose a professional book publisher or self-publishing, you must consider many things that may affect your platform choice:

  • • Pricing and Royalty Rates

    Prioritize your financial objectives by comparing the royalty rates and fee structures of each platform.

  • • Distribution Channels

    The extent to which each platform provides access to your target audience via diverse distribution channels should be taken into consideration.

  • • Ease of Use and User Interface

    Consider publishing platforms that have intuitive interfaces to facilitate publication and reduce the likelihood of encountering steep learning curves.

  • • Marketing and Promotional Tools

    To optimize the exposure of your book and entice readers, evaluate the marketing and promotional functionalities offered by each platform.

  • • Author Support and Customer Service

    It is advisable to give precedence to platforms that provide comprehensive support and aid to authors, such as timely customer service and resources to facilitate successful self-publishing.

  • • Platform Reputation and Credibility

    Before forming a partnership with a service provider, investigate the standing and reliability of each platform in the self-publishing community.

Comparison of Top Self-Publishing Platforms

To better comprehend writers' possibilities, let's analyze various popular self-publishing platforms:

  • 1. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

    With its extensive global presence and comprehensive suite of marketing tools, KDP is the preeminent e-commerce platform. It is important to distinguish, nevertheless, that the marketplace can become exceedingly competitive, and KDP maintains rigorous content guidelines. Publish your own book in Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

  • 2. Smashwords

    In addition to major online retailers and libraries, Smashwords boasts an extensive distribution network that distinguishes it. Additionally, it provides greater formatting and customization flexibility for authors.

  • 3. Apple Books

    Authors who aim to reach users of Apple devices may find Apple Books to be an appealing choice due to its streamlined interface and worldwide accessibility. Apple's stringent formatting requirements must be followed, nonetheless.

  • 4. Barnes & Noble Press

    Authors desiring to engage consumers via physical books will find Barnes & Noble Press to be an outstanding option due to its emphasis on print-on-demand services. Moreover, it provides Barnes & Noble locations with extensive distribution.

  • 5. Draft2Digital

    Draft2Digital makes self-publishing easier, as shown by its large network of distributors and simple layout. Authors can use free editing and conversion tools to get their works ready for release.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Self-Publishing Account

It is time to proceed with the creation of your self-publishing account now that you have examined your alternatives. Commence the process of self-publishing by adhering to the subsequent exact steps:

  • 1. Choose the Platform

    Pinch the self book publishing platform that corresponds to your objectives and specifications, as determined by your research and personal inclinations.

  • 2. Sign Up

    Enter required information, including your name, email address, and password, when registering for an account on the platform's website. Consent to and review the terms of service for the platform.

  • 3. Create an Account

    Enhance the visibility of your author status and attract readers' attention by including a concise biography, an author photograph, and any other pertinent details in your profile.

  • 4. Upload Your Manuscript

    In addition to ensuring that your cover design satisfies the specified criteria, format your manuscript according to the platform's guidelines. Proceed to your account and upload both the manuscript and cover design.

  • 5. Set Pricing and Distribution Preferences

    Selected regions and distribution channels shall be factored into the pricing strategy for the book, which shall also encompass the ebook and paperback formats.

  • 6. Utilize Additional Features

    To augment the visibility and outreach of your book, consider utilizing any supplementary functionalities provided by the platform, including pre-order alternatives, promotional instruments, or improved distribution services.

  • 7. Preview and Publish

    Before publishing, check the formatting and appearance of your book by utilizing the platform's preview tools. Once all aspects of your book are in order, click "Publish" to distribute it to consumers around the world.

Tips for Success in Self-Publishing

Starting out on a journey toward self-publishing can be both thrilling and difficult. Implement the subsequent strategies to position yourself for success:

  • • Invest in Professional Services

    To guarantee adherence to industry norms and reader appeal, it is critical to allocate resources towards professional editing and cover design services, despite the creative autonomy that self-publishing affords.

  • • Build Your Author Platform

    To foster reader engagement and develop a devoted fan base, establish a robust online presence via author websites, social media platforms, and email newsletters. For a book to achieve success, it is crucial to establish genuine connections with its audience.

  • • Utilize Marketing Strategies

    Your self-publishing platform can provide promotional pricing, customized advertising, author events, and book festivals. Bonus marketing techniques include guest blogging, book promotions, and alliances with other authors or influencers to increase readership and audience.

  • • Stay Updated

    To ensure market competitiveness and adapt marketing strategies is essential to remain informed about industry trends, shifts in consumer preferences, and updates to self-publishing platforms. Success over the long term in the dynamic realm of self-publishing necessitates a commitment to ongoing education and adjustment.

  • • Keep Writing

    As an author, self publishing service should be regarded as an ongoing process of development and evolution, not a singular undertaking. To gradually develop momentum and enlarge your catalog, continue writing, refining your craft, and publishing new works.


The self-publishing platform and book publishing company you select can profoundly influence your success as an independent author. A well-informed decision that is in line with one's ambitions and objectives can be reached through meticulous deliberation of variables, including pricing, distribution alternatives, and platform functionalities. You can now confidently commence your self-publishing endeavors, equipped with this guide and the plethora of resources accessible to self-published authors. What precisely are you awaiting? Activate your creativity by selecting a self-publishing platform and creating an account.

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